time for take-off

its almost been a year since i went on a blog hiatus. a year since i've written anything personal on the world wide web. the break was an intentional one, and at the time i also retreated from facebook, pinterest, twitter and instagram. 
vancouver airport. August 2013

slowly i've come back. only waiting until i felt ready.
its certainly a mental shift going from hibernation to the very public social media world.
but its been good.
in fact, a welcome opportunity to connect with friends and family.

likewise, this morning i felt ready to yank open the privacy curtains of this blog and allow my thoughts to filter out.
i'm a little worse for wear this time around.
a little more worn. (EXTRA worn to perfection?)
a little more scratched up, stained and bruised since my last entry.

i won't share in great detail or depth reasons behind my "extra worn-ness". 
maybe someday. but not here. not now. 
however, hopefully, i will over time be able to capture and write how i am healing, and how recent pain has etched a new song in my heart.

and so....
turbulence or clear blue skies, i'm ready for take off ... (i think).



I feel vulnerable sometimes for being so "real" and so very raw on this blog.
What if it frightens people away?
What if it makes people FEEL down or sad after reading my accounts of depression...yikes!

I don't regret writing words that express my pain....but I worry sometimes if too much information is...too much.

That being said, I am still glad I have this place to express myself. I'm not ready to let go of it.
I want to visit this outlet for expression and feel, somehow, that I've done someone some good. It cannot just be a splattering of my crazy thoughts and reflections...it must be a place for others to find safety and solace.
That is my prayer.
That is my hope.
Safety and solace.
For all.

Have a happy long weekend everyone!
I pray that there are moments of happiness sprinkled into your life.
God Bless you.
God save the Queen!! :)
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